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Fri Apr 22 2022

9 Easy Steps to Get Started on Valueplus

Hello and welcome to ValuePlus! 

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Product UpdatesFri Apr 22 2022

9 Easy Steps to Get Started on Valueplus

Hello and welcome to ValuePlus! 

Did you get stuck while trying to navigate the website? 

Pssssst! That’s frustrating! 

Take a deep breath and relax, let me walk you through the entire web experience. 

You shouldn't feel stuck after this tutorial, but if you're ever in need of a quick reminder… 

You can always come back here and refresh your memory! 

Hi, my name is Runo and I will teach you all you need to know about ValuePlus. 

Let's get started! 

Registration and Login  

I know! And you are right!  

This is a basic step that everyone can handle but I promised an entire experience and that's exactly what you will get. 

So let's start from the most basic step okay? 

As you visit the website the first page you see is the homepage. 

It tells you all about our services, what we do and how you can benefit from our platform. 

At the right upper end of this page, there are three lines- click on them to get more details. 

A drop-down of information is opened, click on "create an account" to begin your ValuePlus journey. 

STEP 1 - How to create your account  

There are two easy ways to create an account on ValuePlus. 

Via the website  

  1. Visit  

  2. Click the three lines on the right upper end. 

  3. Click on “create an account” 

  4. Fill the registration form with your Name, Email address, Phone Number, Address and Password.

  5. Accept our terms and conditions  

  6. Look through your information to ensure it’s accurate then, click on Sign Up. 

  7. Next, you Verify your email address  

STEP 2 - Via a referral link 

  1. Click on the invitation link  

  2. You get redirected to the signup page 

  3. Fill the form with the required information 

  4. Look through to ensure that your referral code is filled automatically 

  5. If not, copy the last 6 letters including in your referral link and paste it in the referral link field 

  6. Accept our terms and conditions  

  7. Click on Sign Up  

  8. Next, Verify your email address 

Pay attention to these tips  

  • Use a working email as you will need to verify your account. 

  • Your password should be at least 8 characters 

  • Your password should consist of a capital letter, characters (@!) and numbers. 

  • Choose a password you can remember or write it down in your diary. 

STEP 4 - Email verification  

We need to be sure that your email is working as most information will be passed through the email you submitted. 

Once you complete this stage you can have access to your ValuePlus dashboard. 

It's a simple step

  1. Go to your email and look for a message from ValuePlus.  

  2. Check your social, promotions and even the spam folder. 

  3. Open the email and click on the verification link. 

  4. You couldn’t verify your email ??? Not to worry  

  5. Click on Resend Email and enter your registered email address and click Resend. 

  6. A new verification link will be sent to your mail . 

Immediately, you are click on the link, you are redirected to the login page - I'm sure you know what to do. 

You don't? 

Okay, I will tell you... 

Input your email address and your password to log into your account. 

STEP 5 - Setting up your profile  

Now you are in! Well done 👏 

On the right upper end of your dashboard, you will see a circle with the first letter of your name. 

For example Runo Obafemi (RO) 

Click on that circle to set up your profile. 

You can update your profile picture and phone number in this section. 

Now let's go back to the homepage of your dashboard. 

STEP 6 - Completing your account setup  

Just below "my wallet" there's a sign that says "activate and complete account setup" 

Click on it to set up your account. 

You are redirected to a new page- here, you can set up your withdrawal pin. 

To set your pin, scroll down to “set up your withdrawal pin” 

Choose a pin you can remember, confirm it and input your login password as requested - Your pin is created! 

Note: If you need to change your pin, click on settings scroll down and tap on change your pin. 

Finally, to complete your account setup, you need to submit a form of identification(KYC). This can be your NIN, BVN or voter's card). 

STEP 7 - Setting up your bank account  

Now, you have finished setting up your account you need to upload your bank information. 

ValuePlus pays directly into your bank account hence, we need the necessary information. 

Go back to your dashboard and click on add bank information. The next steps are simple; 

Add your bank name 

Add Account number  

And voilà! Your account name pops up automatically. Cool right? Then you click “Add Bank” 

That's everything! Your account is active and you're ready to earn some money. 


STEP 8 - Create orders and earn on ValuePlus 

There are 2 ways to earn on ValuePlus - E-commerce and digital products. 

In the E-commerce section, there are different products available for sale. 

Look through our list of amazing products, choose any product and market it to your friends, a supermarket, retailers and vendors at your price. 

At your price what does that mean? 

Let me explain… 

If a product costs #2900 on the platform you can choose to market it for #3200.This means that your commission is 300 NGN 

Once the individual accepts to make a order through you... 

You can place your order. 

To create an order you need to  

  1. Search for the products 

  2. Click on the product to add it to your cart  

  3. Input your selling price  

  4. Click “Add to cart” 

  5. Head over to your cart to create order  

  6. Fill out a form with the customer's name and the delivery address. 

Once you create the order, the company handles the entire process… 

Now, all you have to do is share the order payment link with your customer  

They click on the link and make payment using any of the payment options provided by Paystack  

Immediately the customer pays for the product and ValuePlus processes your order, your commission is sent to your ValuePlus account. 

STEP 9 - Earn with digital products  

It's very simple to earn with digital products, it's as easy as ABC. 

A- Tap on digital products  

B - Click on generate a unique link 

C - Share link to friends and families 

Tip to earn with digital products  

You can’t earn if your referral just click the link, they should be active for you to make money. 

Get your referrals to set up their account, complete a transaction or use the application. You get paid for each active sign up! 


Do you have an issue while using the website and you can't resolve it?  

Or perhaps you made a withdrawal but haven't received your money yet? 

Visit our FAQ and you might find the answers to your issue… 

You can also speak to our customer support 


WhatsApp :+2349098008887 

That's a wrap! I hope you got answers to all your questions. 

Happy Earning 😊