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Earn commissions with your mobile phone from anywhere in Nigeria by adding value to business and individuals across the country

Make Money Sharp Sharp

Building A Community

ValuePlus is building a community that caters to the needs of the society, businesses and you.


ValuePlus is creating a means of employment for individuals by offering various opportunities to make money using just a mobile device.

ValuePlus offers a wide range of products and services

Physical Product

Earn as you complete orders to agency banking to bet bookings.

Digital Products

Earn as you users sign up on apps and websites

ValuePlus For Business

Valueplus creates an alternative means for your business to reach its customers


Start Earning in Three Easy Steps



Create Your agent acoount with vaild details



Verify your email address to activate your account



Earn commissions for creating demand for physical products,digital products, agency banking, bet bookings and lots more!

Let`s show you how it works !

Physcial Product

Place Orders using the E-commerce section on the Web or Mobile App

Digital Product

Share your referral link with friends and family

All the answers you need right here for you!

How can I earn by processing a bet?

You earn a commission from every successful bet booking made on ValuePlus through your account.

How do I earn with agency banking?

As an agent, you earn with agency banking when you perform simple financial transactions like Cash Deposit, Withdrawal, Airtime TopUp, Bill Payments

Do I have to pay for registration?

No, ValuePlus registration is completely free.

Do I need to create a different account for agency banking?

No, you do not need to create a different account for agency banking. All you need to do is complete the KYC form.

What is KYC?

KYC means Know Your Customer that requests for some additional information to verify your identity. It is a mandatory form you need to fill to be able to activate your agency banking account.

Why do I have to upload an ID?

We need to verify your identity to enable you to use the agency banking feature.

How do I know when I have earned a commission?

All commissions earned are displayed on your dashboard and you will receive an email notification as soon as your wallet is credited.

Why can’t I access my account after registering?

You have to verify your email after registration to be able to access your account.

What do we do at Value Plus?

ValuePlus is an exclusive network of marketing agents across Nigeria. Our agents solve the marketing challenges faced by businesses and ensure each business experience massive growth and profitability.

Is valueplus a scam?

We are a legally registered business with real agents, earning real money in commissions, promoting real businesses.

What do Value Plus agents do?

Value Plus agents are field marketers dedicated to creating demand to help their clients boost their businesses and maximize profit, by increasing sales through well-executed marketing strategies.