ValuePlus is YOU!

ValuePlus is your Marketing Channel

Valueplus is anyone looking for an opportunity to earn extra money through another source

Why ValuePlus

High Commissions

ValuePlus offers high commission rates on both digital and physical products on the platform by allowing our users (agents) to set their desired commissions.

Fast Payouts

With ValuePlus we offer the fastest payouts on your withdrawals directly to your bank account. Our promise is same day withdrawal.

Dedicated Support

At ValuePlus we have dedicated support. Our customer support team is available to answer all your inquiries, and attend to any complaints or issues you may have about using the ValuePlus App.

Referral Bonuses

We have a very rewarding referral bonus system that enables you to earn extra cash when you refer an agent on the ValuePlus platform.

We offer you limitless opportunities to earn money

Business Marketing

Link Sharing

Agency Banking

What we stand for

Mission Statement

To bridge the gap between product (physical and digital) owners and their target audience, while generating a guaranteed income stream for our users (agents).

Vision Statement

To be the number one (1) provider of marketing services and extra side income for Africans and businesses on the African Continent.

what we do

We help you make money!

ValuePlus is a business marketing platform that offers endless opportunities for individuals to earn a passive income, and for businesses to connect with their customers, thereby improving the economy of the country, and the standard of living of its citizens.

We also empower the average Nigerian who is seeking a means of additional income to better their lives, by providing a means of making money using your mobile device that has an internet connection, to register on the ValuePlus Platform as an agent and start generating income by simply sharing their links.

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